About Rachel


Hey there!


As you might have noticed I am really into food and how food can serve our bodies allowing us to feel amazing. While I have a great relationship with food now, it hasn’t always been that way.

I grew up eating a standard American diet (SAD) which left me feeling subpar and overweight. Food became an obsession for me. My weight and food were always on my mind and it was exhausting. I would put myself on these restrictive diets and count calories that set me up for failure, making me feel worse.

Eventually I started to focus on eating whole foods and went vegetarian. I would make one small change at a time and slowly those changes added up to one big change that freed me from my food and weight obsessions. I was finally able to lose weight with little effort, and the best part, the weight stayed off!

After graduating college I started working at Whole Foods Market. There I had an opportunity to hear Dr. Fuhrman, a medical doctor who has studied optimum nutrition for over 20 years, speak. It was there that my eyes were open to the power of nutrition and I continued to make more positive dietary changes.

While I had made some major changes and lost a significant amount of weight I still had some room for improvement. Then when I was 25 years old I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease. For those of you who don’t know, Meniere’s is an inner ear disease that causes episodes of vertigo. It got to a point where I was completely non-functional. My doctor prescribed medications, that had terrible side effects and I felt truly helpless. Then I turned to nutrition. I made some dietary changes which included no caffeine, no dairy and really low sodium. Through nutrition I was able to not only manage my Meniere’s, but I felt better than I ever had before, and I was astounded with the amount of energy I had.

Healing myself with food ignited my passion for nutrition. I devoured every book and study I could find on the subject. I was hooked and through the Health and Science Academy became a certified health coach. But, I didn’t stop there. I am currently getting my master’s in Nutrition and Integrative Health and am loving every moment of it.

It is amazing to think how far I have come. From losing 40 pounds, to becoming free of my food and weight obsession, to having an abundance of energy and finding my passion. Life is so full. I now live in Austin, Texas with my amazing husband Derek, where we spoil our two fur-babies Gigi and Daisy.