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Here we don’t believe in that four letter word “diet” and we most certainly don’t count calories! We shift the focus from being thin to being truly healthy, and when your body is truly healthy great things will happen.

So, are you ready to feel fabulous? Need a little direction? Well don’t worry, I got your back! I am so excited to help you discover your best self. You are going to love her!

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The Plans:



Sprout: 1 Month

If you are ready to make a change, but need solid nutritional advice and an actionable plan to achieve your goals, then this one month program is for you.


  • 75 minute initial consultation
  • 2 follow-up sessions (40 minutes each)

The break down…

Like all good things it all starts with some reflection.
Before our initial consultation I will have you fill out and submit several questionnaires that allow me to see your habits and current food relationship. This allows us to get more out of our one-on-one time (you are paying for my time and I will ALWAYS respect that!).

In the initial consultation we will:

  • Set long and short term goals.
  • Tailor a plan for you to met your goals.
  • Examine current habits that are holding you back and how to change those habits.
  • Learn how to choose foods that serve you.
  • Go over food prepping and shopping tips.
  • Go over meal and snack ideas.

In the follow-up sessions we will:

  • Assess and tweak your plan as needed.
  • Address challenges and develop new plans on how to overcome those particular challenges.
  • Continue to explore new food choices.
  • Examine how your food choices are effecting you as a whole.
  • Go over techniques for mindful eating.



(Savings of $86)

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Flourish: 3 Months

Great changes are not made over night. If you have struggled with yo-yo dieting and feel like you will never be able to lose weight or find optimal health, then this is program was made for you. Over the course of 3 months we will address food addictions and habits that have kept you from achieving success in the past, and learn to implement lasting change. We will do this by making continuous small modifications that add up to major, lasting changes.

In addition to everything iN sprout, you gET:

  • 75 minute initial consultation
  • 6 follow-up sessions (40 minutes each)
  • Unlimited email support

The break down…

This is the preferred program for making lasting changes. You will get everything that is offered in the Sprout; however, with this program we will dig deeper by examining emotional connections to food, identify emotional triggers, and develop a plan to manage them. In this program you will also have unlimited email support.

That means if you have a question about a food choice, need a little more guidance between appointments, or had a rough day and just need the extra support, I’ll be right there. I am committed to your success. This is a program for a long term life-style change.



(Savings of $336)

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Thrive: Graduate Program

This is for graduates of the Flourish program. You just made great progress; however you understand it took a lifetime to learn your original habits and you want more one-on-one time to ensure your new habits stick. This extended program allows you extra time to solidify those good habits with me supporting you all the way.


  • 4 follow-up sessions (40 minutes each)
  • Unlimited email support for 2 months



(Savings of $569)

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